All American Series

Another Bruce Weber book arrived under the tree this year. It's the second volume of nine (nine was just released, actually) in the All American series. This one is called Short Stories from 2002. I recommend you check them out here at Arcana books. They are hidden gems. At least I think they are relatively hidden. The are cloth-bound books, after all. Runs of only 4000! Imagine that. I mentioned the series earlier in the year. Each journal loosely revolve around a particular theme, supported by a constellation of American artists, poets, writers, photographers, politicians – and courageous, every day people of all stripes. Throughout are selections of Weber’s own photographs and writings, musings. The books seem to celebrate the wonderful mess that is America.

In Short Stories he features a couple of American photographers, William Gedney George Daniell. I have never heard of either of these two, so it was a great find. The similarities in style and esthetic to Weber's work is striking.