ICP Workshop & Interiors

After spending so much time photographing interior spaces, I decided to develope a workshop around the subject. Particularly, the idea that the interior environments we create for ourselves are a mirror of us in many ways - subconscious statements not only about who we are but how we want to be perceived by others. One thing I most look forward to during a workshop is sharing images of other photographers and artists. So here are a few that have incorporated interior environments in some way. I have left out many, for sure.

I would love to hear from you. Please share in the comments section some photographers or artists that have used domestic interiors in their work. It would be great to add to my list for the workshop.

"Exploring The Interior: Seeing Home In A New Light" is scheduled to run at The International Center of Photography (ICP) here in New York in May, and at the Maine Media Workshops (MMW) in late August.


Larry Sultan

Robert Bechtle - Photo realist painter

Lisa Sarfati

Nan Goldin

William Gedney

Candida Hofer

Harry Callahan

Tina Barney

Abelarado Morell