Summer's End & Harry Callahan

  Brief back story........

I was first introduced to the work of photographer Harry Callahan (1912-1999) through his 1988 book, New Color.








I think I picked it up at the bookstore when I was working at the Maine Photographic Workshops (now Maine Media Workshops) around that time. I loved the book. He turned me on to color photography. It's full of lush Dye Transfer images - the most advanced color printing method of the day.  I read and re-read the essay about his life, underlining passages along the way. I wrote him a letter asking if I could work for him - filing negatives, whatever. He was kind enough to send me back a post card. I framed this one. My first polite "no" from one of my first heroes. What a gentleman.












Although he was one of the first to experiment with color transparency film in the 50's, Callahan is probably better known for his black & white work. A rare book I have of his called Harry Callahan Water's Edge (Callaway Editions, New York, 1980) is a collection of beach scapes, mostly taken on Cape Cod in the early 1970's. Some pictures are from Lake Michigan and Indiana in the late 1940's and 50's.

This book comes to mind as the summer draws to a close. It may be because I get a sense from many of these pictures the last of there are only a few people left on earth.


Cape Cod 1972

Cape Cod 1972

Cape Cod 1972

Cape Cod 1973

Elanor, Indiana 1948

Lake Michigan 1953

Cape Cod 1972