Video - "About A House"

For some time, I have been thinking about how to incorporate video as an extension of the work I do. I considered subject matter for some time because I wanted it to relate to my still photography work. I went ahead with this little "portrait of a house". The first thing that jumped out at me with video is the importance of a narrative arc. It's sort of obvious, and I knew that, but I found myself thinking more carefully about the whole before I began to shoot the parts. Story line becomes essential. Editing is all of a sudden a really important skill. Editing stills is important, but things can be left open-ended because the images are often supported by text to assist the story flow. Video is a self-contained world. I thought about creating a story board, but quickly realized that would be too limiting and kill the joy of finding surprising images. And it's not like this was a feature-length film. I decided instead to keep a visual outline in my head and carry that around with me when I shot.

Filmed and Edited by William Geddes Music: Django Reinhardt & The Hot Club of France Equipment: Canon 7D