Let The Cut Tell The Story

This little quote is from On Directing Film by David Mamet I stumbled upon this book last year. I am editing some video now, and it's come in handy once again.

"You always want to tell the story in cuts. Which is to say, through a juxtaposition of images that are basically uninflected. Mr Eisenstein (filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein 1898-1948) tells us that the best image is an uninflected image. A shot of a teacup. A shot of a spoon. A shot of a fork. A shot of a door. Let the cut tell the story. Because otherwise you have not got dramatic action, you have narration....It's unimportant that the audience should guess why it's important to the story. It's important to simply tell the story. Let the audience be surprised."

"If you listen to the way people tell stories, you will hear that they tell them cinematically. They jump from one thing to the next, and the story is moved along by a juxtaposition of images - which is to say, by the cut.”